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Meet Trinity Rose, 9 days old… a little cutie with such an adorable face! If you’re wondering… yes, she was just as soft and squishy as she looks. She came into the Vitamin C Studio here in Las Vegas and was ready to let me do any pose I could imagine! She was a total treasure to work with, so happy and sleepy, willing to hold any pose so long as she could keep sleeping during the shoot. Dressed up in a beautiful bright yellow head band of flowers and resting in the matching yellow bucket, Trinity was ready to nap! Newborn sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph, and I cant wait to meet more delightful little ones and their families.


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Because one blog couldn’t cover how adorably precious baby Henry was, I just had to write a second. For this shoot I was joined by the Burden family here in the Vitamin C Studio to capture some of Henry’s first moments with his big brother and sister. Henry was incredibly easy to work with, remaining calm and relaxed, just content to be wrapped up in his turquoise blanket. With the newborn Henry getting so much attention his big sister Addison had to jump into the action and pose for a few pictures of her own. Watching the way Addison and Doc looked over their new brother with tenderness and love, I knew Henry was lucky to be born into such a sweet family.



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What could be more exciting than a Vegas style wedding at the world famous Little White Chapel? I joined Rocco & Jess for this untraditional wedding done sin city style. After the ceremony, I tagged along with Jess & Rocco as they celebrated their newly wed bliss in downtown Las Vegas.
Stopping to pose up and down Fremont Street at such iconic landmarks as the Golden Goose and the California Hotel and Casino. The glow of neon lights made a stunning contrast and excellent backdrop to Jess’s bright white wedding dress. Popping in for a little gambling at Binions’s and some impromptu lounging at The Plaza Hotel was also loads of fun for us.

They came all the way from New Zealand to Las Vegas for a destination Vegas wedding. They were pure magic to work with, and believe or not, Rocco injured his arm right before the trip, so we had to be very careful with our posing not to cause him any further pain!
I had such a great time with Jess & Rocco’s intimate Las Vegas wedding, and I wish them the best of luck on their future journey together!

Jess and Raj had a very intimate affair for their Indian Wedding here in Las Vegas, abundant with the vivid colors of the summer. Their friends and family had jovial spirits and looked on with happiness as the wedding traditions were carried out during the traditional Hindu ceremony. The bride was adorned with jewels and colors of symbolic and spiritual purpose, as was the groom. After their ceremony, they prepared for their reception, changing from the bride in red and groom in white to the bride in gold and the groom in black. They celebrated with lively music, an Indian band, an Indian dancer and the most amazing Indian food, catered by a friend of the groom’s mother. They were married in Sun City Anthem on a gorgeous day in August. Yes, it was hot, but everyone had a great time!

Raj and Jess upheld their culture’s traditions in the most beautiful, romantic and spirited way and are now ready to begin their own.

I love their intelligence and passion for life, their attention to details, and their love and respect for their families.

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What a precious time in your family’s lives – the birth of a little one! This is such an amazing time in your lives, and they never are this small and tiny and cute and cuddly again! So, be sure to preserve this time in your newborn’s life! For a stress-free time while mama is recovering, allow us to come to you, and take portraits right in the comfort of your own sanctuary. We bring all the props and set up everything up to be either a lifestyle session, or a more studio type feel.

If you need to take breaks to feed or change baby, that is no problem, we go at your speed, and most importantly, baby’s speed.
If you’re not sure what to get as the perfect baby shower gift, this is it! You can register with us or have friends and family purchase gift certificates toward your session!

If you are looking to book a newborn photography session in the Cincinnati area, I would love to provide amazing service for you!

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What other way to welcome baby Giada into this world then to immortalize her at the pinnacle of newborn cuteness!
This little bundle of joy was a photographer’s dream! No fuss, willing to pose in any position and every side of this little newborn is her good side. I joined the Vigilante family at their home in Las Vegas for this shoot of Giada and her adoring family. The recently renovated nursery became the ideal backdrop with a beautiful chandelier and combination of lavender walls with rose pink accents. The white nursery furniture fit perfectly as well!
It makes me truly happy to have the opportunity to witness this family’s love for their children and each other.
Last June, my hubby, Terrence, at Lighten Films, filmed their wedding video, and created something they have said they will love and cherish for a life time!
I had a spectacular day and am thankful for the Vigilante family allowing me into their home to capture the tender moments of their new born daughter.

I love consultations where clients book me right there on the spot. Yep, that is love. 🙂
Connecting with couples is such a special thing to me, and I’m so honored that Allie and Trent wanted me there with them on such an important day in their lives.
It is an incredible feeling to be chosen for such an honor, such a significant job.

We had an amazing engagement session together at the Springs Preserve and Luv It Frozen Custard, and I was truly excited for their wedding.

Well, let me tell you, the day did not disappoint. Allie was super chill and super ready to marry the love of her life. She was all smiles and exuded that giddiness that only a girl in love has.
Allie’s daughter was the flower girl, and Trent’s sons were the ring bearer and sign-holder. They were as cute as can be!

Allie and Trent were married at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. The ceremony site there is simply gorgeous, with a view that is absolutely incredible.

The food was amazing, as usual. Let me tell you, first hand, that I’ve never had a bad meal at the Paiute, and one thing that I’ve always respected about the Paiute is their generosity toward vendors –
the staff is always gracious and friendly.

I had a fantastic day with Allie, Trent and all of their family and friends!
It was an honor! Thank you for your trust, your friendship, and allowing me to capture the day from my point of view.

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Just feast your eyes on this adorbale little doll! Isn’t Henry just the cutest little newborn? Had a great time snuggling with this little guy – he is absolutely precious. He couldn’t wait to get some shut-eye and pose for me. <3 xx, Suzilas vegas newborn photographer_1082.jpg

Cristel and Michael are getting married this August at Siena Golf Club! I can guarantee you one thing – this wedding is going to be HOT, and not just because it’s in the middle of summer either!
Cristel is busy planning all of the little details of this wedding that are really going to make the style sing.
For the e-session, we headed over to Nelson Ghostown! Cristel brought her adorable little girl to share in on a couple quick pics and then we had fun doing some romantics with just the two of them!

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Monica and David are getting married next week!! Wow! They are cleints of my husband’s, at Lighten Films, who are getting married at Emerald at Queensridge, a local wedding venue here in town that has their own in-house photographer. Their package includes an engagement session, but they wanted something a little different that was customized more to who they are, so they called me last week to see if I could squeeze a session in for them! They are so fabulous together. I’m a bit jealous that I can’t photograph their wedding, LOL! But, I’m glad we are doing their video! Monica has such great style – I loved her little black dress, and red pumps.
I asked Monica what types of things she and David like to do together, and she said that they like to go to music concerts, so I immediatley thought of the free concerts that are always going on on Fremont Street. We caught a really neat concert while we were there, and the lighting was awesome!
Engagement sessions are such a great time to dress up and look fabulous! Monica always looks fabulous – so this was right up her alley!
Can’t wait to see this amazing wedding video!

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