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Stephanie & Richard came all the way from their home in New Zealand for an exciting Las Vegas wedding, and I, for one, am thrilled they chose to celebrate their union here in Vegas – Vegas style. Being Stephanie and Richard’s first visit to Las Vegas, they were both eager to hit the strip, see the city and make some memories. As their photographer and newly designated tour guide, I began our journey at the Bellagio hotel for a few quick shots with their vintage lamp posts and elaborate walkways. Timing was everything as we made it across the street just in time for the Bellagio’s spectacular water show. Everything about water being blasted hundreds of feet in the air just screams as a great backdrop for a newlywed couple! We then headed over to the bright red hustle and bustle of the Planet Hollywood casino, which just so happen to match our lovely bride’s beautiful red hair. This adorable couple looked perfectly in place surrounded by bright red and white flowers as well as the endless number people congratulating them on their marriage. Finishing up our Vegas strip adventure, it was time to head back to the Hard Rock Casino honeymoon suite, where our couples were met by the lovely officiant Angie Kelly of Peachy Keen Unions to make their union “peechy keen.” Joined by close friends and family, the ceremony took place at their suite in the Hard Rock and true to name, the only way to describe the décor would be “rock and roll.” Mirrored ceilings and giant paintings of smoking gorillas made for some extremely interesting and creative photographs. I wish Stephanie & Richard congratulations and all the happiness in the world on their new journey together.