Um, so, Morgan and I… we have this thing. We just can’t get enough of one another. She’s a designer from Orange Country, California, and claims she stalks my work! LOL. I adore writing to Morgan, as she shares so much of her personal life with me, from her adorable dog, Belmont, to all of the tiniest details of her wedding day.

Shelby planned the perfect proposal here in Las Vegas! As part of Morgan’s 30th birthday celebration, he schemed up a clever plan to turn it into a proposal and engagement party as well! Morgan was completely shocked, as she explained to me that Shelby is more of a quiet and conservative type when it comes to matters like that! Morgan is the one who typically plans everything, as detail-oriented as she is – so it was a very pleasant surprise indeed for Shelby to pull of this secret!

Morgan thought the perfect place to have their engagement photos taken would be in Vegas! She started searching for Las Vegas photographers with a vintage flair, and lo and behold, lil’ ole me popped up. 😉

We had such a great time communicating back and forth regarding the engagement session, that Morgan began inquiring about having me come out to California for the wedding as well! I was thrilled, and am totally psyched that I get to capture both of these fun events for them!! (I know it’s a stretch, but hopefully baby pics in the future… hehehe).

Granted, I’m  usually a little slow to make postings on my blog, but Morgan lit a fire under my butt this morning when she sent me this beautiful thank-you e-mail:

Last night was sooooo amazing 🙂 We had an amazing time with you all and could not have felt more comfortable and relaxed! It really was a lot of fun!!!


I am so excited to see the pics and I am really really excited about the future wedding pics 🙂 They are going to be amazing!


We are so glad we chose you Suzi 🙂 We just couldn’t stop taking about how darn cute you are!!!


Thank you again! Have a wonderful day!



Isn’t it totally amazing to wake up to an email like that in your inbox? I <3 you Morgan!!

So, for a little intro into the photos themselves, these were taken at The Neon Museum (aka The Neon Boneyard) here in Las Vegas. Morgan knew it would be the perfect location. I suggested that after we finish up there, that we should pop on over to Fremont Street for a few more photos, as it’s just down the road. What a great time we had together!

Thanks Morgan and Shelby for having the confidence in me to capture these very important and special moments in your lives! Much love to you both, and I am looking forward to the wedding! Here’s a sneak peek just for you!