I am delighted to present the new Mr. and Mrs. Fetaz!

Max and Julie were first referred to me by a past client, Jenifer! I just LOVE when clients are so happy that they refer me to their friends – its such a wonderful feeling!

We had a great time hanging out during their engagement session at Red Rock Canyon. The weather was perfect, and I could tell how utterly in love these two were with one another!!

On the wedding day, I met up with Julie at Green Valley Ranch, and the first thing I noticed entering her suite was how happy and excited her bridal party was for her. I could tell immediately that she was surrounded by loving, caring people and that the ceremony would be emotional and full of joy. Julie’s dress was looked absolutely gorgeous on her! The bodice of her dress was finely detailed in an intricate lace floral pattern with the skirt made of layered satin. Complementing her dress, Julie wore a cathedral veil and gorgeous diamond earrings. Now ready for her wedding day, I finished up taking pictures of Julie and rushed out to courtyard where her soon to be husband, Max, who was eagerly awaiting their first look. I could tell he was nervous and very emotional, which was just ridiculously cute! I loved Max’s grey suit. I must saw he looked quite dapper, oh, and he had a pretty awesome looking boutonniere to boot as well!

Max finally got to see his bride in a very touching first-look moment, as Julie anxiously walked down the grand staircase toward him. After settling from seeing each other in their wedding attire, I took Max and Julie around the Green Valley Ranch’s vineyard which makes for a very natural and serine location for taking photos. Before we knew it, their personal shuttle was out front and ready to take the couple and their party to the wedding location. I would have loved to have more time snapping pics at Green Valley, as I always wish to have more time when behind the lens, but nevertheless, we still go amazing photos in the time we had! Changing venues to the groom’s parents’ house, the backyard was completely transformed into a jaw-drop gorgeous ceremony location,  full of white garden chairs for the tons of friends and guests wanting to watch the couple take their vows. Everything was decorated with muted white and purple roses, highlighted with purples, sage, and a multitude of lighter shades of green. Once the ceremony started, it was very apparent Max and Julie are popular people! The ceremony even got to the point it was standing room only. When the touching ceremony was over, and family members all had their turn posing for pictures with the newlyweds, we left for the reception venue.

Julie and Max had their reception at one of Las Vegas’ premiere Italian restaurants Piero’s. Piero’s has been featured in “The Vegas Standard” as well as “The Dish” and our groom’s father just so happens to be the head chef. The entire bar side of the restaurant was rented out just to hold all of Max and Julie’s guests who were treated to a fabulous 5 course meal. With touching toasts to the new couple and lots of laughter, everyone celebrated by dancing the night away.

Max and Julie, thank you for letting me share in the union of your new family, and I can’t wait to see a baby bump!! 😉

Wedding Planner: Hilary Hamer Weddings and Events

Dressing Venue: Green Valley Ranch

Photography: Vitamin C Photography

Photo shoot Venues: Green Valley Ranch

Wedding Videography: Lighten Films

Reception Venue: Piero’s

Max and Julie Las Vegas wedding photographer_0280.jpgMax and Julie Las Vegas wedding photographer_0271.jpgMax and Julie Las Vegas wedding photographer_0266.jpg