Coming all the way from Russia, Anna and Max both love to travel, and have made a business out of it! They couldn’t imagine a better place to tie the knot than Vegas. Within days of deciding to get married, they contacted Lighten Films to create a movie of their experience here in Vegas and develop a concept film / short movieĀ  of an exciting plot that they came up with. They shared their ideas with Terrence of Lighten Films, and as a screenplay writer himself, he came up with a script that brought their ideas to life! Together, we hired actors, such as the great Joey Ciccone, to be our main villain. The film also required a helicopter scene, a rented corvette, an Elvis in a pink Cadillac and two 12-hour days on set! Oh, the fun we had!

These photos I shot were very impromptu. We hadn’t planned on taking any photos, but since I was helping in the filming process, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos while on set! The last photo was shot by Kira who did their Just Married Session! It was one of the last photos from the session and my favorite!