I recently joined the Beck family at their home in Las Vegas to help welcome their adorable little baby Bob home. I truly don’t believe their is a more perfect location to do a newborn’s family photos than in the comfort and privacy of the family’s home. Bob was so amazing at taking naps, he let me pose him as long as I wanted and was such a trooper through all the different costume changes we had planned for him.

I photographed Tara and Robert’s wedding back in 2009, and am so elated to have them remain close clients and dear friends. I photographed their little Lainy’s one year portraits as well as her six month portraits.

I absolutely LOVE when people bring new ideas to a photo shoot that really highlight their personalities. This time around mom and dad wanted to give Bob an early Hogwarts school picture, posing him with his Harry Potter glasses and wand.

A big thank you to the Beck clan for letting me help you capture these early memories of Bob and your sweet family!