The Las Vegas Wedding Awards is a culmination of honor, recognition, and appreciation of those who have made a difference in the Las Vegas Wedding industry, and who have demonstrated exemplary professionalism with dignity and respect, and more importantly, make most of us proud to be in this business. We had some pretty stiff competition this year, but are super psyched that we took home the gold! Thank you to Las Vegas Bride for hosting an amazing night that was full of glitz, glam, amazing food, top-notch charity events, and great friends! Wow, this was an unexpected win! What a fantastic night for TSL Photography and Lighten Films! We couldn’t be more thankful that we were chosen for the Las Vegas 2011 Photographer of the Year award and the Las Vegas 2011 Cinematographer of the Year award. This was an incredible year for us both! Thanks to all of our clients, fans and supporters! We are truly so honored by these prestigious awards!

(Oh, and please don’t judge these photographs. Terrence is a great cinematographer, but he hasn’t yet mastered photography yet, LOL…)