Our little Savannah Grace passed away on January 21st earlier this year. Although we miss our little girl, we are so happy knowing that she is in a much better place – a place that is free from pain and suffering. She’s free to talk and walk and be filled with joy.

Several of our dear friends gave us some thoughtful gifts in remembrance of our Savannah.

We absolutely love this wind chime. It is called “Amazing Grace,” and when the wind blows it sounds a lot like Amazing Grace is being played. We love this! The chimes hang right outside our office window, so every time the wind blows, we think of our Savannah Grace.  Not only do we cherish this hymn, Amazing Grace, but it was a very special song that my dear friend Kira sung at Savannah’s memorial. Her voice is absolutely beautiful!I found this really neat photo holder, with a bird sitting outside of the cage. It reminded me of a caged bird that has been set free. And this is how I feel about Savannah.This is a framed photo that Terrence took of me and the kids when we were in New Orleans getting hyberbaric oxygen treatment for Savannah when she was 4 months old.This is the urn that we chose for Savannah’s cremated remains. We had her photo engraved on it. This photo was taken the day before she passed away.We had a huge out-pour of cards given to us. We were completely blessed by this, as  many of them were filled with monetary gifts. We received just enough so that we didn’t have to come out of pocket at all for her services. What amazingly generous friends we have!This is a tear-jar that was given to us. This engraved piano actually took us by surprise. We were truly touched by the thoughtfulness that went into this gift! It is a music box as well!

Thank you so much to all of our dear friends, family and clients who sent cards, flowers, potted plants, and other gifts! We are blessed knowing how loved we are and how our little girl touched so many lives.

Thank you to all of you who stood up to give eulogies and personally came up to us to deliver your condolences. It meant so much to us!