If you caught the previous two posts, you are quite familiar with Israel and Issac and their beautiful love-story! Here are just a few behind-the scenes photos from their L.A. engagement shoot. These photos were all taken on my cell phone. I did clean them up a bit in Lightroom. I’m impressed! Not bad for a cell phone, right?

Samuel, Israel’s amazingly supportive and helpful brother, tagged along with us to help carry props, help me lug my bag up and down stairs, chauffeur us around L.A., etc. He also attended the support fundraiser we had for Savannah along with Issy back in November. And ladies, he is single! 🙂

Photo 1 – Issy and Samuel during lunch

Photo 2 – Issy and Issac during lunch

Photo 3 – My lunch!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Wow, it was cilantro pesto encrusted salmon with a honey balsamic glaze,  atop buttery mashed potatoes and fresh veggies

Photo 4 – My empty plate. Yum! That was seriously some gooooood salmon! Everything was delicious!

Photo 5 – Me, with my grandma Hanna. Sam, Issy and Issac, were kind enough to drop me off at the convalescent home my grandmother was placed in, so I could visit with her before I had to catch my flight back to Vegas.

Well, we aren’t done yet – I still have one or two more posts to go! 🙂