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Join me in welcoming Aubrey Taylor to the world! Her parents wanted to capture some of  her earliest  moments, so we scheduled the shoot for two weeks  after she was born.

Let’s be honest – can there be a better job than  spending time with a bundle of sweetness that looks like this precious girl?  The biggest problem I have when doing a shoot filled with this much love is tearing myself away from the lens and saying ‘We’re done.” and can you blame me? Take a look at some of the cutest little cheeks I’ve ever seen! Those eyelashes are incredible, too, aren’t they?

Weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz, baby Aubrey stole her mommy and daddy’s hearts when she made her appearance on September 26, and she stole mine while I was capturing these sweet pictures.
Her momma told me she’s very chill – napping is her favorite way to spend a day, when she’s not being treated like the royalty she is, of course.  Watching her parents lavish her with love and adoration was one of the absolute best parts of the shoot. It is easy to see why she loves to be carried and talked to – her parents can’t get enough of her!
Those sweet headbands are the perfect accent, and I’m glad she was so accommodating because I just wanted to keep playing dress up with her all day long!
A special ‘thanks’ to Aubrey’s parents for letting me spend time with their delightful baby.
Doing the newborn photo shoot on location in the home is a great way to make sure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed, and allows for some special candid moments that make the day more meaningful. Plus, it’s a great way to capture the sweetness of baby’s nursery and the darling little touches that are a reminder of how much care went into getting ready for the big arrival.
It’s hard to pinpoint which type of photographs I enjoy taking more – weddings, which are full of love and hope, or babies, which are full of love and hope.  I think it’s a tie – I just love being invited into people’s lives and having the opportunity to capture the special moments they create.
A Las Vegas  photographer’s job is never done … off to record more memories!