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Valentine’s Day Date with my hubby {Cincinnati wedding photographer}

Yes, I am a little, okay, A LOT late on this post. I hadn’t been feeling well for quite some time (which I will post about soon), so I tended to let some of my personal blogging slip.

So, on special occasions, I usually am responsible for taking care of the first half of the day, while Terrence is in charge of the evening part of the date.

So, for starters, I feel that it’s so special to cook a meal for someone you love. I made blueberry pancakes, topped with fresh apple slices, served alongside scrambled eggs and bacon. I also found some cute place-settings on sale at Home Goods (one of my absolute favorite stores), so breakfast not only looked great, it tasted great as well!

Inside this box were a couple of inspirational canvases for my husband.For lunch, we headed off to Lakeside to dine by the water. I chose Garfield’s Restaurant, because their food is fabulous! They have a very fresh menu, with REAL food (not stuff out of a box or can), and there are actually quite a few organic items on the menu as well. The chef tries his best to get the best ingredients around. And get this, the food is very reasonably priced.You are given a warm bread basket with delicious real butter. (I love butter)The fire-grilled artichoke was amazing – so yummy!We obviously liked it. Just a little bit. 😉I originally had a friend lined up to watch my princesses, but that fell through at the last minute, so they joined us on our date.I ordered the salmon – WOW – the flavors – out of this world!Terrence is more… of a pizza guy. So, he ordered the pizza.Next, I sent my hubby over to The Spa at Lakeside next door for a facial while I took my girls to the park (also located next door close by).I thought it was so cute when Arielle did this. I had no idea she even knew what a “snow angel” was. But, she laid down in the sand and said, “Look, Mommy – I’m making a sand angel!”Self portrait, in the car, on the way to dinner. My camera battery actually died right after we were served cocktails and bread, so unfortunately this is all I have left from the night…Thanks for seeing what our Valentine’s Day was like!



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