These two love birds are just as delightful in person as they are through emails!

It’s always such a joy to open emails like this one:

“Hi there, Jamie and I are coming to Vegas from England, next February to get married. Jamie will also be celebrating his 40th birthday 3 days after we are married, so it is going to be a pretty special trip! We have visited a few websites to look at photography, as it is going to be so important to us, we doubt there will be many people with us unfortunately. We want to have some great photo’s to share with family and friends back home. Out of all the sites we have been to, yours is the only one that we were blown away with. The pictures of Marnie & John’s, and Chelsea & Jordan’s weddings are absolutely fantastic and exactly the sort of thing we are looking for. I won’t be wearing a ‘traditional’ dress (it will be the same 50’s style as Marnie’s), and we aren’t really your ‘stand there and say cheese’ couple, which is how we have perceived a lot of the photography on other sites. We are getting married in the Graceland Chapel, and while they have their in house photographer, we really want some other photo’s before, and after the ceremony. It looks as though you know some fantastic places which make amazing backdrops for photos, and we would like to capture the atmosphere of Vegas, as well as our joy in the wedding photos. We would be delighted if you were able to help capture our day, and make it even more special and memorable. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you. Sara & Jamie” {Sent on June 4, 2012}

And so began the emails back and forth. They didn’t waste any time in booking their date with me, and  eight months later these two eloped in Vegas at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. What a fabulous time we had with these two! We began our day with getting-ready shots of Sara. We were floored when we saw that she was wearing a vintage red dress as her wedding dress. Hair and makeup was done by the lovely ladies at Your Beauty Call. They did a fabulous job as usual!

The ceremony was performed by Jean Claude. I totally love this guy. His French accent is absolutely perfect, and the way he raises his eyebrows and gives a little elbow jab when he talks about intimate things is completely classic. Needless to say, the ceremony was perfect. Sara was escorted down the hall by Elvis himself. Of course, the in-house photographer took all of the photos as my assistant and I were the only two guests in the room.

We stopped in at the Candy Shop following the ceremony and had a ton of fun. We then hit up the Las Vegas sign, The Paris Hotel, and finished our night on Fremont Street!

Had a blast! Thanks for including me on this fun-filled ride!