Rachel contacted me in early April of 2010 regarding her late November 2010 wedding. After a couple of emails, she and her fiance came in for a consultation. They loved our work, but went home to think everything over. When she contacted me back to reserve the date, I informed her that I was pregnant and due the first week of November. Rachel was totally bummed. She decided to hold off. I didn’t hear from her again until a month and a half before her wedding. She said that she had been closely following our blog and saw that I had my baby early and wanted to know if I was still available! I was shocked! I was not expecting anyone to hold off that long on booking their photographer, hoping they would be available. Well, she was in luck, because I didn’t book anyone else on her date!

We had a great time hanging out for their engagement photos at The Springs Preserve and Fremont St. We also stopped in to the Artisan, but were kicked out after taking about 3 photos! Oh well! We still got tons of great shots! 🙂