McKay and Dale are truly such sweet, kind-hearten people. They met on an online dating site, as many couples do now days! Dale actually had two dates set up on the same night from his online matches. I guess he figured since he got all dressed up, he might as well meet as many girls as possible on the same night. LOL. After meeting McKay, there were no further dates with any other girls. They both just seemed to hit it off and fell for one another immediately.

Just spend a few minutes with them, and you’ll see the sparks fly!

These two love birds were married at the ever-so-amazing Springs Preserve. I love this venue! It’s so earthy and green. It isĀ  a beautiful escape from Vegas, and yet just minutes from the strip.

I had such an amazing time with McKay and Dale! I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to have been able to capture their special day!

Thanks to you both for also using our Photo Booth, Smiles for Savannah! I know it was a huge hit!!