So far, I have posted 3 posts on Israel and Issac, the couple whose story is truly a classic, a How-Harry-Met-Sally type of story, the kind we all wish we had for ourselves, the kind movies are made from! Once again, just a short recap: Israel and Issac met at the subway station in L.A., as they both daily took the same train to work each morning. Within no time, they became each other’s “train buddy.” They were both looking for love, but not in each other, until the day Issac departed for boot camp, and Israel’s feelings for Issac really surfaced, and she realized how much she needed and missed him in her life. Awwww…. so precious, right? Doesn’t it just sound like a story right out of a movie???

Anyhow, I’ve posted two parts of their extended L.A. engagement session, as well as one behind-the-scenes post. This post will contain photos from more parts of L.A. – which I don’t happen to know the locations specifically. Feel free to comment Issy and Issac, if you’d like to add any details I left out!

One of the most amazing parts of the day was when we were driving through some neighborhood and passed this red classic vintage car, just parked on the street! It was broken down, had flat tires, and the windows were cracked, but who cares about any of that, right? It was a classic vitage car and RED… and we are doing a vintage engagement session!!! Hello!! LOL. “Turn around and go back,” I excitedly told Sam, Issy’s brother who was chauffeuring us around all day!! So, we turned back and got some cute pics. What luck, right? Well, just when we didn’t think our luck could get any better, 5 minutes later, as we are in the car driving again, we see another classic vintage car that totally put this last car to shame. Oh, man, what a beauty this one was! We all were shouting with excitement. The driver of this classic car was at the intersection to our left and about to turn in front of us. Issac said he would totally flag the guy down and ask if we could take photos of his car! But, we didn’t have to. The guy just so happened to park right in front of a cigar shop! LOL. We parked right behind him, and Issac jumped out and approached the gentleman and explained what we were doing. He was more than happy to allow us to take photos with his gorgeous car! Oh, and did we! Thank you Sir!