As I mentioned in the previous post, Israel and Issac met at the subway station in L.A. and couldn’t imagine having their engagement photos taken any other place but there! Well, once we did that, they were open for a some touring to a few other places.

Israel, aka Issy, and Issac flew me out to the Long Beach airport and picked me up to begin our extended engagement session. 🙂 I barely made my flight on time! I didn’t realize how long it takes to park, take a shuttle, check in, get on a tram, locate your terminal, etc, etc. I don’t think I ran that fast in my life. They warned me once I checked in that check-in was already closed, and the plane may not wait for me. I told them I’d take my chances and ran like the wind! LOL. Healthy way to start the day at least! 🙂

After we finished at the sub-station, we boarded a trolley and went up and then walked around for a bit, spotting unique places every time we turned around!

We grabbed some lunch at a lovely restaurant, where we sat out on the patio that overlooked some beautiful artwork!

After our scrumptious lunch, we were re-fueled and read to continue. So we headed over the the Disney Concert Hall and took some photos in front of the pretty architecture.