I’ve developed a recipe that my children just adore! At first it was a pancake, then it was a form of bread, but now it is more like a cake. Each time I make it, it tastes a bit different than before, as I just toss random ingredients into a bowl and mix them up. Today’s version of squash cake consisted of:

Butternut squash, previously baked until soft

organic nut butter

organic butter


farm fresh eggs

I blended the ingredients until a very smooth consistently and poured into a coconut-oil greased baking pan.

My son, Isaiah, who is three, absolutely loves this cake. I have been having trouble getting the kiddos to eat their veggies, so I’ve had to get creative. Of course I did have a little help from some autism CDs that I’ve been listening to. Well, the cake has been tasted, and it’s a winner – yum!