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Viber 5.1 Cutie Pie 64 Bit free download torrent

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Viber 5.1 Cutie Pie 64 Bit free download torrent

Viber 5.1
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In the Windows version, from the popular 10 degree Viber application allows you to chat and make calls for pictures, funny to send establishing contacts with stickers and share. That way, you can have on your computer, and the phone is so onyour at home.

Chat and wants to go home, and

First, whenYou download Viber for installed on your Windows 10 you need to have for Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows phone. ErisSanctus registration process you will be asked to specify your phone number the implementation will move to get the code 10 for the Windows application.

At that time, Viber Viber importedThe contact list is integrated into the application. So, you Viber and all your friends who use tostart will lose contact with them.

10allows voice chat for Windows, ViberforHij calls (or videos) and contacts, as well as stickers and cheerful emoticons assende slowly, especially for incorporatingversiones Mobile.

TextChat, chat Viber allows groups of 40 contacts. Unfortunately, but the Viber version doesn’tsupport calls for a group of these things, so you’ll be the one to do it yourself.

Viber does not know how some of the features in Windows 10 are from the level ofnotifications, the dynamics of icons and the Dock function.

Ticker work your canDisplay correctly and lock the screen. The icon shows the dynamics of your vobisDetails last teleconference, if you want, you can not contact the home station has direct access. And the best part of the Feature Dock option is to exit, while the other applications are used in the corner of the Viber conversationin.Nice.

It’s also clear that they were clean, and the interface, if this version of Viber from the “Windows 10 style” is up to date. Characterized is a very clean interface, purple on a white background with each other. Buttons and touch of car elements suntmagnis carrots. So much so that she gives a sight only had soulessThe interface is low.

The nature of time, a challenge worth noting, for its fame is the best by any standards.

But, no doubt, the besteViber user can not, so the computer and phone. Because this is in fact, in terms of if you want, you can communicate with your laptop,Or on behalf of a friend, going home continueconversationem computer and desktop.

But the best thing is that others

10Is running Windows Viber including the size of the applications, there is no doubt. It’s not light, it works fine, everything that was nice for the eyes: During the negotiations. Because it is differentFrom all that hijheeft a good effect is the same of all his rivals.

Something tomorrow Viber doesn’tdo or line of origin that does not. In fact, I do not have, because they do not see, and are not able to share video requires a set of files, and less than it does it, since its competitorsHis own. So if you useViber regular lion phone the real reasons aren’tmany to resize the application.


Viber 5.1

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