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RimWorld Alpha 14 Update Torrent

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RimWorld Alpha 14 Update Torrent

RimWorld Alpha 14
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Address: RimVorld

Genre: Pop, simulation, strategy, early access

Developer: Ludeon Study

Publisher: Studio Ludeon

Date: June 16, 2016


RimVorld SI is a short story of sci-fi colony began smart AI. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly and Dina.

comezarTres survivors shipwrecked on a remoteworld.

Managing moods, needs, injuries and diseases of the colon.

Fashion structures, weapons and clothing, metal, wood, stone, fabric or material future.

Skrotislatki train animals, domestic animals and productive attacks mortaisbestas.

Development aid bowel and breakrelationships with family members, lovers and spouses.

Raiders pirate fight, hostile tribes rampaging animals, insects and giant tunneling old killing machine.

Trade with the wicket of ships and trade caravans.

decorarunha colony willis transformed into a pleasant space.

Digging in the snow, storm, and fire fighting at.

Capturing refugee or prisoner to turn on your side, or to sell uropstvo.

Discover a new world is created every time you play.

Build a colony in the desert, jungle, tundra andmuch more.

Learning easy to play with the teacher intelligent AI and discreet.

RimVorld is a story generator. Its designed to co-author a tragic, hobbies, and triumphant stories of pirate prisoners, immigrants desperate hunger and survival. It works by controllingEvents aleatorioso world throws at you. every burapiratski attacks, a vendor card history traveler baviliu AI storyteller. Several storytellers to choose. Randy randomly doing crazy things, Cassandra classical refers to increasing tension, friendly Phoebe just doing good thingsThey happen.

Its residents are immigrant professionals theire surviving passenger ship crashed was destroyed in orbit. Kill rights, accountants and housewives. Balkanac more settlers brought into controlled and the convert them to his side, to buy twofilm slave traders,or that welcomes refugees. So always mold colony CESR.

Everyone track assets and influence how they play. Noble to be excellent social skills (prisoners agreements, negotiating trade price), or refuse to do work físico.Farm snapper know how to providefood for many years of experience, but can not do research. Nerdy scientist zaistrazhuvanje is great, but can not do social tasks in general. A genetic killer could do nothing but kill, but it does very well.

developments settlers destroyed- Relations. Everyone has an opinion of others, that determines whether you become lovers, married, cheat, or wrinkles. Perhaps the best two settlers were happy marriage – until one of them falls to the surgeon who saved thrown from gunshot wounds.

The game creates an entire world with Ecuador ado. Selectsletanegovata to a major accident in cold northern tundra, desert plain, dry temperate forest or steaming equatorial forests. Different areas have različiteživotinje, plants, diseases, temperature, precipitation, mineral resources and land. These challenges supervivenciau, choking jungle fulldiseases are very different from those in the desert wilderness baked or frozen tundra vegetation for two months.

Can tame and train animals. Cute animals were sad twist doselenici.Domashni pets can be like, milk and isolated. Attack bestapode be releasedtheir enemies. There are many animals – cats, Labrador retriever, Bear bears, camels, lions, chinchillas, chickens, and forms of life-like exotic.

People in RimVorld constantly monitor your situation and environment to determine how you feel every time. Replyhunger and fatigue, witness death, corpses Unburied shameful wounds, remain in darkness, taking packed uslovisupstandardni, sleeping outdoors or in a room with others, and many other situations. If you are under too much stress can retaliate ourota.

Wounds, infections, dentures, and chronicdiseases following in every part of your body and affect the values ​​of capacity. eye injury that is difficult to film or surgery. Slov feet hurt people. Hands, brain, mouth, heart, liver, kidney, stomach, legs, fingers, and much more can be damaged,sick or missing all have logical effects game. Other species have a body pattern – Take your foot off the deer, but can contain other three. Remove rhino horn, and is much less dangerous.

Tymosin to repair parts of the body with implants range from primitive to sublime.pauJoe handful planter will walk after the unfortunate incident with Rhino, but it remains very slow. Buy a set of bionic legs from merchants year finalist Joe becomes superhuman. You can even get away, sell, buy, and internal organ transplantation.

Andthere is much more than that! game so easy and active community. read more

(All non-English translation produces fans. Master of Orion Early Access v )

system requirements


Operating System: Windows Vista

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 2 GB RAM memory

Graphics: Intel HD 3000 graphics Vith 384 MB RAM memory

way ofStorage: 500MB


RimWorld Alpha 14

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