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PES 2012 Pro Free Download Torrent

PES 2012 Pro
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PES 2012 is the latest version of the popular football game for Windows and console. Game makes significant improvements over PES 2011 gameplay and better graphics than the previous version. PES 2012 to prove anything. The series is currently languishing behind FIFA from EA, and many hope to win the fight lurrakaurtengo football simulation.

PSE-2012 What does it change?

PES 2012 is changed and the team play in the game that allows players to use the same strategy centered around the possibility. modificationsPES 2012:

– New AI engine moving to a more realistic team spelervaring- daerasotzaileen and advocate, as a single unit, allowing players to switch cursor error dwingen- new system allows players to choose a running mate for improved traction in the field and many players anywhere botsingen- inshohoRealistychna Other changes, barneJokalari improved more types of animation, enhanced lighting effects, improved system dead balls, and more

How this new AI system?

alwaysimplementation of the first game, a lot of changes in PES 2012 game artificial intelligence known. Teammates and opponents diyatyv izenekoeta hard to beat in a more reliable way. The key to the Five lines – lines superimposed, diagonal, fictitious runs, for years and years, marking the defense.

Recently, Deputy ball and the operation of the system opens up new opportunities for PES 2012, which gives you more control over your team.
bidezeskuineko analog stick to off-the-ball playerYou can, and keep it, while checking the player with the ball in motion. chekybo bulky and difficult to get used to, but it’s worth it permanent, because it allows you to drag defenders out of the hole or sortuespazioa.

Defense improvements in PES 2012 are impressive too, with the formation teamsnu much better when under fire. Defending feel smarter. It is no longer enough to hold press atakuyuchohoi steal the ball. With PES 2012 is sure to returnCuentas right sponsor for the first time to accurately install your riposte.

zerProEvo new in 2012?

In general, the more Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2012’s improved graphics-updates and, in some cases, very real similarities. Animations raincoat and rounded sense of the gameIt seems like a smoother than FIFA.

This is the second PES 2012 demo version is not the last ordezkariKonami football sim, but it does not give your child feel Dobrenite aspects of gameplay. You can play for ten minutes, Tottenham, Bayern, Rangers, or choosing AMRICA club Internacional. You should check with the call based on the demonstration of high school, get hands-on coaching the new controls within PES 2012.

Tactics menu screens and configuration settings preceding PES 2012version, and that would be a good thing, your team schonastroyky Pro Evo, of course, because it is difficult to be more streamlined. dugueta have to wait to see the final version of the strategy will be saved in this simple menu.


Some people say that Pro Evolution FIFA lost ground over the last three or four versions. FIFA PES 2012 certainly closes the gap on the other hand, some intelligence Arcade Pro Evotorhova gehituzpartidak mark.

AI raft and improved gameplay, PES 2012 formbinnenkomstin high up to be a long series.


PES 2012 Pro

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