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Documents, please an unusual game in which you play the immigration inspector. Your task is to make sure that all documents are going through the border and act in accordance with the immigration laws change constantly.

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In the documents, please throw a citizen of the Soviet Republic, which was informed of the work as an immigration inspector. Ennilllot and not be financially punished for making mistakes. As each person chegapor imigracjęKontroli, you should make surethat everything is correct. It becomes more complicated when the game is growing, so it is easy to forget something that earned a penalty.

You have to make sure you can feed your family and keep healthy, so that mistakes can lead to poor results for them.
It is difficult to cope sylfaenolgwobrwyo, then mistakes can lead to choosing a family member who wants to live. Things are very depressing.

retro PrzygnębiającyPonury

odocumentos, please be well-designed interface and agood management, which can easily arise in the course of the game. Graphically, has 8-bit look consistent with refined design, 8-bit, which corresponds to the strength of Sofietaiddgêm gray. But the documents, please, this is not a game where the graphics and sound are the main attraction. It is a game that makes you think, and are required to check whether the person is when you are forced to choose between immigrants and merecenpara sięrodzina care.

Are you a bad person?

Documents, please do nota game in the traditional sense. However, it is an attractive, well-designed written iawnac. As proof that video games are stupid and it’s “art”, this is great.


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