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Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24 Download

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Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24 Download

Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24
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Mail client Thunderbird desktop alternative to Microsoft Outlook, the creators of Firefox.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an award-winning solution for more efficient free email management. And many advantages of switching, too. Unlike email, for example, you can handle virtual identities and create on-the-fly addresses and is widely regarded as one of the best anti-spam filters out there. It has recently been updated with a PDF interface igwneudManage email easier.

The fact that like Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird can be tweaked with all types of extensions is an extremely competitive mail client does. It is also now much faster and more stable than before as it is from the fifth Gecko engine


Mozilla Thunderbird fixes painlessly. You do fast Import email and contacts from your email account or forms Outlook and POP3, IMAP and SMTP mewnfflach accounts. To stay organized, MozillaThunderbird offers filters to deliver mail to separate folders and mailboxes. And, of course, it has a built-in spell checker to make sure the messages are professionally done.

Mozilla Thunderbird What makes it a little more unusual is that it comes with integriranRSSreader. Today, it is a bit outdated, because many people use a separate application – or even Firefox – to track RSS feeds, but it may be ddefnyddiolos want E-mailAnd follow RSS feeds while composing messages.

Search for mail

Search ToolThunderbird is excellent and search is done in real time while typing. Prebaruvanjetose Results displayed in a separate tab. Batteries are usually very much Firefox and Thunderbird so you can have several messages open in separate tabs. This is a great feature of Thunderbird to tempt more people open at once. Archiving also serves as a useful alternativeFor those who do not want to delete the message but wanted to clear the space in their inbox.

So what about safety? You can think of a customer’s open nature safer than one payday loan, but Thunderbird is a surprisingly powerful spam filter quite bulletproof. The reason is that Thunderbird is regularly updated and well made by the volunteers, which is the main goal is to make a better product than good security gynnyrch top.diweddariadauregularne,But small, do not play Thunderbird.

Exchange support

The biggest selling point of the Mozilla Thunderbird edenod is that it provides support for Microsoft Exchange, which means that it will refer to Office users and the forward rate.

To make matters worse, the app lacks some finesse in some areas. Thunderbirdnadal has the email conversation style view as in Gmail (for continuing to get hynGellir separately) and there are many options for managing attachments.And photos. Also not a calendar, but again, it can be downloaded separately as a “Lightning”.

In general, Thunderbird is a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook fantastic.

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Security reshenijaprashanje causing occasional corruption in local filtering foldersAny permanent (815012)

One of the issues that caused eliminationProjects saved in IMAP folders while offline are now stable (805626)


Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24

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