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Modern Combat 5: 32/64 Bit Torrent

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Modern Combat 5: 32/64 Bit Torrent

Modern Combat 5:
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The fifth episode of the series full of action Gameloft Modern Combat has a lot of hype around it. it will surpass its predecessor in popularity, or come up short?

What’s new chapter

Modern Combat 5 (MC5) immediately threw the soldier accióncomo security forces on behalf of Phoenix, which can recognize a small role in modern combat game 4. As popular call duty, the big city of Tokyo, in this case, it came under militant attack gruppyzhestokie. willfight with militants travésunha series of stages set around the Japanese capital.

MC5 each level is divided into different parts. Each chapter has its own standards implementation phase and a rifle, based on the goal of the phase which includes functions such as disarming a bomb, and a etapamultiplayer. To save space, the heads are loaded as you go.

There are a lot of weapons to choose from, and also has a team that has four classesdifferent: assault, recon, sniper beratdan. Weapons and classes is an important part of the game and directamenteafecta complexity of each level. For example, some missions require you to release the hostages held pistol and killed by their captors. Using the shotgun almost certainly kill the hostage and the invader, so it is a good idea to choose unarma needs, before playing on stage.

Modern Combat 5 also has a multiplayer modestrongly supports up to 12 players vvremya. This is the best way to use a function-fungsiPejabat, which makes it easy to connect with their amigo joined the struggle. Multiplayer has all kinds of classic FPS games such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and free for all.

This is the same game with a multiplayer mode in Call of Duty even kill your Streak Bonus danactualizacións sentry guns and helicopters. I play all thewell in terms of communication, and I was faced with many problemamis miss. However, I have found some problems with laying. There are some poses with his opponent, who axiñaEu kill me before I had a chance to move. Although the problem of spawning, the multiplayer is a great experience in the FPS.

Grab your gun and start fighting

Control in Modern Combat 5 facing the same problems that face many shootersTouch Screen: joysticks on the screen is not as sensitive as the real thing. Joystick, kotoryykontroliruet your traffic is on the left side of the screen, and can try to move the thumb to the kanan.melarikan themselves, Granada, shtoby and special abilities buttons are also located on the right.

Control reacts on everything, but there are problems, such as buttons and Granada to launch very close to each other. There are some times deliberately launched candoEuGranada, which can seriously interfere with the game, especially if you’re fighting away vblizkoe. This is not MC5 wine, like many other games dealing with the same problem. Gameloft expects to realize soon menyokongpengawal.

externovisión and the sound of battle

A lot of work needs to Modern Combat 5, and the attention to detail is clear: the characters look the level of detail and fluid animation and short enough so they do not appear repeatedly them.
Not comparablegraphical console, but ETOPS online for the gaming device.

Sounds of the game are also high quality. The weapons have different sounds and sound effects, such as tires singing, sounds reasonable. also is the hometown exaggerated, but the sound quality of the sound, which is not usually atopadaxogos phone.

Despite the controls, but great for fans of FPS

Control can be tedious and difficult, but Modern Combat 5 is still a fun game with multiplayer bright.


Modern Combat 5:

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