Meet Kim and Alvin! Kim is a graphic designer from the UK, who was referred to me by Chelsea Nicole!

Kim had big ideas for her Las Vegas destination wedding and came prepared with some wonderful props. She brought her own suitcase, just married sign, and pop corn box for their Trash the Dress Session!!! Too cute!

I was really nervous about the weather that day, as it was snowing. Yes, it was snowing in Vegas earlier in the day, so it was pretty cold!!! Brr! I put on my ski pants and jacket and my gloves. I arrived a bit early for the shoot, and started to get worried when Kim and Alvin didn’t show 10 minutes after I was supposed to meet them. Soon 20 minutes came and went. Then 30, then 45! After receiving no answer when I called the couple, I called my husband to let him know that they hadn’t shown up and I was going to wait another 5 minutes and then take off, as it was freezing outside. Just as I said that, Kim and Alvin pulled up in a sweeeet red vintage automobile. They explained that the driver got lost and seemed a bit flustered. I offered to stay longer, but they had a show that they were heading to see, and only had 35 minutes to spend with me. I told them that I would come back out the next day so that we didn’t have to rush, but they didn’t feel it was necessary. So, even though we had such a short time together, I think we got some really great shots! We rushed like the dickens to get up and down Fremont Street to cover as much ground as possible – I think we pulled it off!

Thanks Kim and Alvin for a great time! All the best to you both!