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KEYS for ESET, Kaspersky, Avast, Dr Muffin Portable download

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KEYS for ESET, Kaspersky, Avast, Dr Muffin +Portable download

KEYS for ESET, Kaspersky, Avast, Dr
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Keys for ESET, Kaspersky, Avast Avira ,, (2016)

Collection of the keys to the popular antivirus software, NOD32, Kaspersky, Avira ,, Avast!

Installation instructions:


4-8 version

1. Open the main window of ESET

2. Press the key combination “Ctrl + V”, which is the window “License Information”will open.

3. Enter the name of the user (username) and password (Password)

4. Click on “OK”

version 9

1. Open the antivirus by clicking nadereitacanto bottom of the screen with the left mouse button on the icon ESET.

2. Select the “Help and Support” and click on “Activate a product”.

ThirdCopy the license key format 20 digits Ks Ks Ks Ks

4. Add the key in the special field of antivirus and click “Enable”.

Note: “Username and password”, which is used to activate the 4-8 version can become a key license and use of Version 9 is activated. To do this, go towebsite

fill in the fields and get a key generated.


kis / CAPS 2012-2013

1. Go to “Managing licenses”, located in the lower right corner of the window antivirus. Then remove it by clicking the button in the current red X next to the description. Then click on the “activation code Go”

2. In the next window,Enter one of the following activation codes:

– 3G79H-74355-DBPC8-4VKS4I



– 22222-22222-22222-2222U

Then connect the computer to the Internet (you can only povućikablovska network drive system)

Click “the Next”

3. When the antivirus server to connect to the Internet,will be a window in which to show the “Search” button. In the dialog box, you can select the appropriate key file. Click “the Next”

4. If all goes well, you will see information about the successful activation.


For Windows XP

1. Create a module only to protect and replace the license file at

2. For Avast!5: “C: Documents and Settings UsersApplicationDataAlvilSoftvareavast5”

2. Avast 6-10: “C: Documents and Settings UsersApplication DataAVAST SoftvareAvast”

3. Connect the self-defense module Avast!

For Windows Vista, 7, 8

1. Create a module only to protect and replace the license file at

SecondFor Avast! 5: “C: ProgramDataAlvil Softvareavast5”

2. For Avast! 6-10: “C: ProgramDataAVAST SoftvareAvast”

3. Connect the self-defense module Avast!

Avast! 5-10 Antivirus

1. Right-click the icon and select the “registration information”

2. I’ll keep an eye on the “Register online”

3. Now press the “Enter license”

4thPut the key in the field below and click “OK”

1. Corel Draw Graphics Suite X8 In the system tray near the clock Taskbar, locate and click on the icon of the virus.

2. In the menu that appears, select “license or license Manager License Manager”.

3. In the window, you can see information about the current license, click on the “Getlicense “” Other types of activation trajectories files to disk “and click on” the Next “.

4.JiProzor program to activate the license of a successful year. Click on “Location”

5. Key date can now close the window of the license manager.


1. Open the box and click “Help”

2. Selectmenu “Manage Permissions” drop

3. In the open window, looking at the words “I already have a valid license file”

4. Click on the “license file”

5. Enter the program that is the key.

6. Rejoice in the successful activation.




KEYS for ESET, Kaspersky, Avast, Dr

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