Jess and Raj had a very intimate affair for their Indian Wedding here in Las Vegas, abundant with the vivid colors of the summer. Their friends and family had jovial spirits and looked on with happiness as the wedding traditions were carried out during the traditional Hindu ceremony. The bride was adorned with jewels and colors of symbolic and spiritual purpose, as was the groom. After their ceremony, they prepared for their reception, changing from the bride in red and groom in white to the bride in gold and the groom in black. They celebrated with lively music, an Indian band, an Indian dancer and the most amazing Indian food, catered by a friend of the groom’s mother. They were married in Sun City Anthem on a gorgeous day in August. Yes, it was hot, but everyone had a great time!

Raj and Jess upheld their culture’s traditions in the most beautiful, romantic and spirited way and are now ready to begin their own.

I love their intelligence and passion for life, their attention to details, and their love and respect for their families.

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