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Haunted Hotel 2017 fast-dl Movie Torrent

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Haunted Hotel 2017 fast-dl Movie Torrent

Haunted Hotel 2017
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Haunted Hotel in Malaysia, a tourist girl from China and her friends went to Genting Highlands. However, because of their complexity, they live in one of the poorest hotels in Asia. After knowing the bad situation,They all agreed to leave the area, but it was not easy.

Language: Mandarin

Theme: No

Note: No

Total dateDisput: October 19, 2017

Genre: Fear

Running Time: No

Distributor: MegaFilms DistributionSdn Bhd

Close: Sushar Manaying, Azman Hassan, Teddy Chin, Alvin Chong,Li Chuan

Director: Ryon Lee

Do: 2D

Haunted Hotel 2017

Haunted Hotel 2017

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