Debbie contacted me just a day before she was departing from her home in New ZealandĀ  to hire a photographer to capture some fun pics on the strip after she and her hubby tied the knot. After a short conversation, she said I was hired… and here I am today posting their pics… LOL. They were so much fun to hang out with!

I picked them up from their hotel, so we had a chance to chat a bit as we drove to my strip hot-spots. For some reason, most of my conversations end up leading to food and some sort of health-related issue. Anyhoo, we shared some wonderful conversation about all of the conspiracy stuff going in with today’s food… LOL. Fascinating. I told them that I bought some eggs at Whole Foods that were imported from New Zealand just to check them out. They were crazy expensive, like 6 bucks for a half dozen. They were pretty yummy, but still not as good as the local farm eggs I get just a couple of miles down the road. I think eggs lose some of their flavor and are a bit tainted when they are washed in chlorine water before consumer resale. Thank goodness my farm lady doesn’t wash her eggs in chlorine. With as porous as an egg is, I can’t see how this is legal. But, anyway, enough about eggs…

I had a great time, Debbie and Stu! {Can I call ya Stu??}