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Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command Download

Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command
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Recognition modern Naval Air Operations: Command Brexit You live, you fix it!

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release notes

August 23, 2016, is Europe politically and economically recovering from

downstream effects of the UK decided to leave the European Union – the

BREXIT. Both sterling and the euro was near collapse and

the global stock markets still have not recoveredthe shock inicialde

British movement. businessesand European stock markets based in

chaos as they try to negotiate their way out to the new reality

the establishment on the continent for a very turbulent summer

Weeks after the vote UK, France, Denmark and Italy began its

own referendum to go ahead with a party of Article 50 of the EU

Greece, still tottering economy and suffering from the pressure

hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming in from across the

Mediterraneangedwinginoutra’s election campaign

Portugal and Spain, the small economic benefitsthey saw in fixed

In recent years washed away in the disaster money

hit them very hard. Eastern European countries are becoming more

hard line “in response to refugees and urged EU government

Brussels has some questions very difficult fish costs and benefits -fish

the union

Both the Scottish National Party, which is in the process of organization

For a second referendum on the UK,and make no mistake Éuscaroindependencia in Spain

now leading the few remaining defenders Euro. even Turkey

stopped to askto be part of the EU for the first time in decades

Meanwhile, the United States is experiencing one of the most divisive and violent

election campaigns in history, with dozens if not hundreds

protesters arrested at any political event and the number of

politically motivated murders is shocking both the world and the

Domestic political establishment

Throughthis turbulence, makers struggled with NATO

patchwork of initiatives of collective defense in the Baltic and Ukraine

As reinforcement of the BalticAir Policing following operation “and

training missions in the Baltic countries and Ukraine, a multinational

Brigade led by four nations, and it consists of five other soldiers

spread over four countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland)

regarded as the solution. While anemic be judged by most experts, putting

American, TheBritish troops, Canadian and German states giving a dieBaltiese

Russian commitment to the region would fall

His attack on the entire alliance not only local forces

The turmoil isnot to be missed by Russia. With NATO destabilized

politically, the whole idea of ​​a command structure consistent with

ability to respond quickly involved. Baltic States (Latvia

Lithuania and Estonia) have been a thorn in the side of

Russian Federation: they granpoboacións ethnic Russian;

strategicallythey isoleerdie key to the defense Baltic Kaliningrad;

politically that should never be allowed to slip NATO

sphere of influence. Maybe now is the perfect opportunity for the right

injustices of thepast and put the newfound power when and where NATO

in its weakest. If the Baltic states can be taken in a short space of 1-2 days

campaign without tipping the world in another global conflict, NATO

may never recover. A brief window of opportunity exists antesque

multiNational Brigade deployed, is only a few planes were involved and

without ground troops of NATO, it is much easier to appease

The second scenario is that the proposal does BREXIT, no problem! “It would mean a

Destabilizing non-coherent answerNATO


Two scenarios simulate gradual response to a Russian NATO

invasion of the Baltic states in two different situations: 1)

European response delayed to speculate on the political complications

that causoupor BREXIT and monitoring branches,and; 2) If you do not BREXIT

passed and / or Europe komom quickly grasp the new reality,

NATO would respond coherently crisis

intense air and sea conflicts in the narrow and shallow

waters of the Baltic Sea

Implementation of boat dock for boats criteria causedextract

to abandon their mission and return to port for repairs or rearm

damage. Extensive use Lua scripting to add forces to fight as

the políticasituación evolves

Some of the most modern equipment in use;F-22 Eurofighter

Typhoon featuredveg hand to hand, the Russian SS-26 Iskander

Short range ballistic missile system S-400 SAMs, SM-3 – Theatre

missile defense against ballistic missiles, as well as some of the latest and

most of the vessels able to NATO and the Russian Federation inventory

The possibilityof Finland and Sweden entering the fight as NATO

problems encountered, but based on a random opportunity for more facilitarpara



Game made independent,updated and have all previously released


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Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command

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