Wendy was referred to us by our past video client, Michelle. The girls met at the gym and Michelle was raving to her about her wedding video and how much she loved it. She showed her video to Wendy, and she was instantly in love! I was so excited to get an email from Wendy and we quickly set up a time to talk and discuss all the details about the wedding!

Wendy and Roy are another love connection made possible by Match.com! They both had profiles that set the tone for an active lifestyle, and they were exactly each other’s type: smart, athletic, funny, ambitious, and they each have two adorable children. Their first date took place at Rachel’s Kitchen, and lasted what seemed like for hours. Roy proposed after one of Wendy’s cross-fit tournaments, and now they are planning their wedding for next April at The Westin at Lake Las Vegas, which also happens to be the same place where Michlle was married as well. It’s truly a gorgeous venue, and we love how hospitable the staff is, plus the food is always on point! It’s a win- win!

When discussing ideas for the couple’s engagement session, we wanted something that was relevant to their lives – something that they both enjoy doing together. After work, they both like to fill their time at the gym doing cross-fit, and have even converted a section of the garage into their own personal little cross-fit training gym. They also like to unwind by cooking dinner together, enjoying some wine, and of course dancing to the song Fireball, after downing a shot of Fireball. Based off of their hobbies and interests, this is what we came up with to help tell the story of their love and how they like spending their time together:
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit 01.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit_1765.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit_1766.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit_1767.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit_1768.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit_1769.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit_1770.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit_1771.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1772.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1773.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1774.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1775.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1776.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1777.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1778.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1779.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1780.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1781.jpgLas Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1783.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1784.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1785.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1786.jpg
Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Cooking_1787.jpgLas Vegas Engagement Photographer Crossfit_1788.jpg

Makeup By: Las Vegas Makeup Girl

Wendy and Roy, it was absolutely amazing hanging out with you two! We enjoyed sharing a delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal with you both! Welcome to the Vitamin C and Lighten Films families!! xoxo

Also, if you’re interested in seeing Michelle’s wedding video that initially won Wendy over, check it out below. The password is: Grad
Michelle & Tommy, we love you guys!! Thank you so much for all the love you’ve shared with so many these past couple of years!! You’re AMAZING!!

Michelle + Tommy \\ Feature Film from Lighten Films – 702.266.6226 on Vimeo.

For optimum viewing, click on view full screen. 🙂

Be sure to check out more work on our Lighten Films website!

So… back in the day, my husband, Terrence, and Ashley used to work at Costco together. We’ve all been friends on Facebook for years, and we were thrilled when Ashley reached out to us regarding needing wedding photography and videography services for her April wedding in Las Vegas. Come to find out, we filmed her cousin Lisa’s wedding over 7 years ago, which was also at the Las Vegas Paitute! Wow – time flies! We actually saw Lisa and her husband Patrick at the wedding, along with Lisa’s sister, Teresa and mother! We absolutely LOVE reuiniting with our past couples and their families!!

Ashley and Derek were connected through the ever-so-popular dating website, Match.com. Derek fell for Ashley on the first date and didn’t want her to go on any dates with any of the other guys that she had been chatting with! The connection was so great between the two, and they really hit it off. 🙂 Thanks, Match.com!

I did Ashley and Derek’s winter themed engagement session up at Mount Charleston. We had a lot of fun together, but boy was I COLD! Brr….

Fast forward to April 9, 2016, Ashley and Derek tied the knot at the gorgeous Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, located in the very north west part of Las Vegas, close to Mt. Charleston. Ashley was so nervous about it raining on her wedding day, but I tried to reassure her that her wedding day was about so much more than the scenery and pretty pictures, and to just focus on the actual purpose of her wedding day, marrying the love of her life! Well, it did end up raining here and there on Ashley and Derek’s wedding, but in all honesty it was not bad at all. It was completely clear during the ceremony, so we were able to proceed with an outdoor ceremony, which the couple wanted in the worst way – so hurray for that! And then it only seemed to rain for about 10 minutes after the wedding during the family portraits segment, but we worked through it.

The reception was gorgeous, the food and drinks were spectacular, and everyone had an amazing time. The DJ, Steve, was a load of fun, as per usual (he’s been at the Paiute for 18 years now, and I’ve been working with him for about 9 of those years… and he is always so wonderful!) The guests were recording how funny we was on their cell phones and uploading it to Facebook.

Ashley and Derek capped their night off with a lovely sparkler send-off!

We had a great time with you both! Thank you so much for your love and trust!

Suzi & Terrence
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1670.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1671.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1672.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1673.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1674.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1675.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1676.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1677.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1678.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1679.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1680.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1681.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1682.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1683.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1684.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1685.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1686.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1687.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1688.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1689.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1690.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1691.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1692.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1693.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1694.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1695.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1696.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1697.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1698.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1699.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1700.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1701.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1702.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1703.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1704.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1705.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1706.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1707.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1708.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1709.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1710.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1711.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1712.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1713.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1714.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1715.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1716.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1717.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1718.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1719.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1720.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1721.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1722.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1723.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1724.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1725.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1726.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1727.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1728.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1729.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1730.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1731.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1732.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1733.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1734.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1735.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1736.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1737.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1738.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1739.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1740.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1741.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1742.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1743.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1744.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1745.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1746.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1747.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1748.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1749.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1750.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1751.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1752.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1753.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1754.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1755.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1756.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1757.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1758.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1759.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1760.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1761.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1762.jpg
Las Vegas Paiute wedding photographer_1763.jpg

Valentine’s Day is pretty much known as the “love” holiday. This Valentine’s Day we wanted to share that we have an extra heart to love. We can’t wait to meet our new precious little girl. We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and with God’s grace and mercy, we are exited to meet our new little love this June.

P.S. Her heartbeat is beautful. <3 Love, The LightensLas Vegas Wedding Photographer_1656.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1657.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1658.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1659.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1660.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1661.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1662.jpg

  • Terri - WoW. GR8 news. I’m a proud mama and grandma


  • Nancy - Congrats beautiful family! may God richly bless each of you, and especially the new little one you carry. Love & HUGS 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Becky Lighten - aw congrats brother and sis imlaw wow i cant keep up. so glad theres facebook to keep us all so close love ya guysReplyCancel

Renee and Sean are adorable high school sweethearts that continue to melt each other’s hearts year after year. After eight years together as a couple, they were both beyond excited for the moment when they both got to say “I Do.”

I was so excited when Renee first got engaged and reached out ot me! I photographed her sister’s wedding a couple of years prior, and she expressed how her sister had chosen the most amazing vendors for her wedding day, and she loved how perfectly everything turned out, so she really wanted me to be her wedding photographer as well.

I had a great time together with you both, and wish you continued love, excitement and adoration for one another throughout the years!

Lots of love,

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1610.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1611.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1612.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1613.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1614.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1615.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1616.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1617.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1618.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1619.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1620.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1621.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1622.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1623.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1624.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1625.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1626.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1627.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1628.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1629.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1630.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1631.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1632.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1633.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1634.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1635.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1636.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1637.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1638.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1639.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1640.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1641.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1642.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1643.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1644.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1645.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1646.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1647.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1648.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1649.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1650.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1651.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1652.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1653.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1654.jpg

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer_1655.jpg

Photography: Vitamin C Photography | Decor Company & Linens: RSVP Rentals | Florist: Blossoms by Gayle | Make Up: – Vegas Makeup by Kim Katunis | Cake/Sweets: Tiers of Joy | DJ/Band: Mobile DJs USA – Jack Backhaus | Invitations: Aisle Bound | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video


Our family has known Connie for years! We go to church together, and her daughter Stephanie used to be my assistant. Speaking of Stephanie, her family portraits are up next!! Yay!

But anyway, I just wanted to thank you, Connie, for letting me capture some really sweet and intimate moments between you and your adoring husband, Jeff. And of course your horse too! Oh, and Lacey, too, of course.
You have a beautiful home, and it was a joy being able to capture these moments for you both at your home that you love.
And, even greater, we ended up getting a beautiful sunset that evening, and a rainbow as well! How perfect was that?

Lots of love,
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0078.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0079.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0080.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0081.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0082.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0083.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0084.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0085.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0086.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0087.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0088.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0089.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0090.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0091.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0092.jpg
Las Vegas family photographer_ horse photography las vegas_0093.jpg

So, I received kind of a random text message from Roxee on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 saying that she and her husband were flying in to town visiting from Miami. Here’s what she wrote:
“Hi Suzi! I know this is crazy last minute, but I’m having a 10 year anniversary wedding in April and will be in Vegas Thursday-Sunday with my husband who requested that I find a photographer for a photoshoot. Please let me know if this is even possible or if I’m crazy for asking!”

Roxee later mentioned that they wanted a Vegasy look and definitely needed help with direction and poses. Roxee wrote, “I think we look great together in person but we’re super awkward in pics. Mainly him… LOL. We did a shoot in New Orleans and (Alex) is not happy with any of them.”

Roxee also sent me pics that she pulled off of my blog from Shelby and Morgan’s engagement session in Las Vegas, and said, “I love the way the chemistry comes out in the pics! I want that!”
Again, Roxee, writes in a future text, “We both get really awkward so we need all he help we can get!”

Okay, so based on these conversations, you could easily see that Roxee had me a bit worried. She had already sent me a few pictures form her engagement session in New Orleans, so I knew they were good-looking people, so that made me feel a bit more at ease that I wasn’t going to have to work with Frankenstein and Jaba the Hut or anything like that. Not that that would be a super awful thing, but it just makes my job a wee bit harder. In other words, there is a reason, there is such a thing as “professional models.”

But seriously…. do these people look like they “get super awkward in pics”???? Whaaaaa??? I think not! What a dream couple to work with! Just check it out!
We had a such a great time together, and I truly hope that you guys like these Las Vegas engagement photos, at least a little bit better than the ones taken in New Orleans!
Hugs to you both,
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0051.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0052.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0053.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0054.jpg

Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0056.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0057.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0058.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0059.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0060.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0061.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0062.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0063.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0064.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0065.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0066.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0067.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0068.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0069.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0070.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0071.jpgLas Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0077
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0072.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0073.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0074.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0075.jpg
Las Vegas engagement wedding photographer vintage_0076.jpg

Eleven months before her wedding, Kayla reached out to me with this thoughtful message,

“Hi there,
I’ve stumbled upon your website while looking at wedding photos and am AMAZED – your style is exactly what we are looking for!”

So, as a photographer, I must say, it is so awesome getting to work with people who really value what you do and see your work as art, and appreciate it as such!
Kayla and Andrew came over from Canada with their absolute closest friends and family to celebrate their union in marriage “Vegas style.”
Yep, even Elvis was there to marry them at the infamous Neon Museum in downtown Las Vegas.

We all laughed. So. Hard. Elvis was super funny. Let’s just say that he really “got into character.”

Before Kayla and Andrew said their “I DOs” and exchanged rings and personal vows, they got ready at the Flamingo hotel, which was really nice. They had an amazing suite! They had a first-look outside at the Flamingo as well, which was soooo sweet. I definitely think it took the edge off for the both of them, and they were just so eager to be back at each other’s side.

We all enjoyed the trip over to The Neon Museum, as we rode on a red double-decker bus. Following the hilarious yet super sentimental ceremony, with tears galore, the three of us separated from the group to hit up Fremont Street on our own for a bit just to get some nice romanitcs of the Newlyweds. I know they must have worked up a big appetite and were ready to head back to meet up with their guests for their favorite type of food – Mexican. I know the food must have rocked, because they chose one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in town to cater their reception part, Lindo Michoacan.

I had such an amazing time with this couple and am so grateful for having had the opportunity to be a part of this very special day!
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0000.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0001.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0002.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0003.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0004.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0005.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0006.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0007.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0008.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0009.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0010.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0011.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0012.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0013.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0014.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0015.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0016.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0017.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0018.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0019.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0020.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0021.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0022.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0023.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0024.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0025.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0026.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0027.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0028.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0029.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0030.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0031.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0032.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0033.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0034.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0035.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0036.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0037.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0038.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0039.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0040.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0041.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0042.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0043.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0044.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0045.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0046.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0047.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0048.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0049.jpg
Las Vegas Wedding photographer vintage_0050.jpg

  • Alex Tinsley - Awesome pics! You two both look incredible! Soo happy to have been part of that amazing weekend!ReplyCancel

I love Tara! I got to photograph her engagement session, her wedding, her babies’ portraits, and now her babies are growing up and we are doing kids’ portraits!  So much fun to see our relationships continue to grow and watch the development of love blossom into what it is today. Thank you so much for continuing to value what I do, Tara! Truly love getting to hang out with you and your beautiful children! I hope you love these images that I was able to capture for you! Can’t wait for the next session!

For this Las Vegas family portrait session, we decided to focus just on the kids.  It was actually little Bob’s second birthday that we were celebrating and commemorating with this portrait session. So glad that his big sis got to tag  along with us and enjoy some cake! Who doesn’t enjoy cake on their birthday, am I right?

Tara, you and Beck have such gorgeous children! Thank you for letting me capture their adorable little faces!



Las Vegas ChildrensCAM21296CAM21298ACAM21300CAM21317CAM21339ACAM21340CAM21354A_ppCAM21355CAM21365CAM21368CAM21371CAM21377CAM21381CAM21404CAM21407ACAM21408CAM21423CAM21452CAM21485CAM21493CAM21506CAM21516CAM21523CAM21553CAM21570CAM21579CAM21584CAM21634CAM21641CAM21656CAM21678CAM21702

  • Tara - im in love!! You amaze me Suzi! I love you!ReplyCancel

    • Suzi - Awwwww! Yay!!! So glad and thankful that you love them so much! I always truly love spending time with you as well as your little ones! Thank you so much for your trust and support!ReplyCancel