Amelia and Fabian were married last month at the beautiful Platinum Hotel. It was a beautiful day, and Amelia and Fabian both wanted to enjoy as much of their reception as possible. They didn’t want to stress about cramming a bunch of photos in during the reception. They were looking forward to a Trash the Dress Session.

The plan was to meet up at Fremont Street and go zip-lining. Once we got there, Amelia informs me that Fabian isn’t a fan of heights, so zip-lining was no longer an option. She wanted to jump in the pool instead. Fabian would be a part of the pool immersion by pushing Amelia in. Such a nice way to support his wife, right? LOL. His remarks were that it is called a Trash the DRESS session – there’s nothing mentioned about the groom’s clothing getting trashed… hehe

So, we walked up and down Fremont Street, grabbing some fun pics here and there, and then as a grand finale to the end of the session we convinced the pool security to let us in at the Golden Nugget and Fabian pushed Amelia into the pool. Amelia was so happy that she had officially trashed her dress! She then sent her dress off to have pillows made out of it! How cool is that??

Amelia and Fabian, you guys rock!!