Issac and Israel are from the L.A. area and are planning a destination Las Vegas wedding with the help of Green Orchid Events for this December.

Israel and I bonded over stories of our children, and the heartache of having a baby who needs medical attention. Before she even put down a deposit, Israel was making plans to attend a fundraiser to support medical treatments for my daughter, Savannah. I was so happy to have her and her brother attend!

Despite them getting married here in Las Vegas, they wanted their engagement session to take place in L.A., more specifically at the subway station where they met!

I was game! Sounded like fun to me! To make it even more awesome, they wanted to make it a vintage-themed session, with Issac dressed in his military uniform. Even sweeter, right?

Issac and Israel had an extended, full-day engagement session, which allowed for  us to travel to various parts of L.A. and grab some lunch in between locations. 🙂 Needless to say, we got a TON of great images. I will be posting them in numerous parts.

Part I is just the subway station, where these two love-birds met. They both rode the same train on the subway every morning to go to work. After a while, they started talking with each other and calling each other their “train buddy.” They became good friends and ended up moving in with each other as roommates – just as friends though!! Israel was just out of a long-term relationship with her boyfriend and looking for love again, but not with Issac. Once Issac left for boot camp though, Israel realized how much she loved Issac and missed him sooo, sooo much! And the rest is history!